The mighty adventures of bat dog

In a meal of justice, evil is a side order

The streets were rife, I walked through them watching faces and signs of the troubles as people walked past me in turn – heedless of the mighty avenger who waited like a coiled spring to thwart evil with the swift batdog-paw of justice.

My contemplations were interrupted by the sound of alarms, the crash of glass and the sudden exit of three men wearing ill-fitting and unfashionable hoods over their heads, the bright red colour clashed horribly with their yellow jackets – does no-one teach these people fashion?

There was no time to call a tailor, I leapt into action, with one might batdog-bound I landed before the lead villain who was now frantically trying to unlock the door to a nearby car, lack of preparation if you ask me – evil has slipped down several notches.

Wasting no time I cocked my leg and with a mighty relaxing sign I coated the villains foot in a stream of pure justice. His subsequent scream and attempt to kick me in the head was my cue to leave , the distraction having proved sufficient for him to drop his keys, which I picked up and ran off with. The subsequent chase led them straight around the corner to Old Joe’s doughnut stand.

If there’s one place you can be sure Metro Cities finest will be, it’s a doughnut stand.

The villains are now incarcerated, and I managed to grab six fallen doughnuts in the chaos of the police and the thieves.

Justice provides it’s own reward to batdog.

Roused from slumber

The city never sleeps. Sometimes I wonder how it keeps so busy. I, BATDOG, am ever vigilant to crime, injustice and illegal parking, but even I can’t stay awake all the zzzzzz

What? WHAT? Was that an alarm? It’s that time already? Never fear, BATDOG is on the case, ready to swoop at a seconds notice to any miscreant who dares bring a frown to this fair city.

But first, daytime TV.

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